Why is it worth it?

A few steps that will answer this question.

Time is money – and that is a fact! Profisniper.com saves your time to save you money. Here is why:

  • You do not need to use many different websites – our advanced auction search engine brings hundreds of them together

  • You do not need to visit Profisniper.com every day – our smart keywords system will continue the search for you and notify you immediately when it finds what you are looking for

  • You will not miss an auction anymore - when you find an interesting auction that has not started yet, you can simply set a reminder to notify you about the upcoming event in due time


And here is how it works:   

Enter the keyword you are looking for

Enter a keyword (eg. forklift), or a phrase (eg. Linde forklift) into the search engine. You can put the phrase in quotes for more precise results (by entering a make and a model, eg. "Linde H30D"). You can also check the option to search for the keyword also in descriptions.

Save it in ProfiSniper

The keywords and phrases of your interest can be saved in your panel.

Get notifications about the things you are looking for

You will be notified immediately by email as soon as new auctions appear containing the keywords you have saved. Please note that the more precise keyword you save, the fewer and more precise results you recieve.

Be the first to win the auction

Intelligent search system and a database of hundreds of auction companies from around the world make Profisniper.com an ideal tool to find an attractive equipment before others do it.

How does it work ? 

A new dimension of searching for offers

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How does it work?
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